Cava Uncorked – the hidden gem of sparkling wine.

It has long been a mystery to me why good Cava has yet to be truly recognised for what it is – a high-quality alternative to Champagne, at a decidedly better price. This is particularly notable with the on-trade. Too many food and wine establishments feature wine lists that make the leap from consumer-friendly Prosecco to premium Champagne without offering anything in between in either price or quality. Cava is made by the same ‘traditional method’ used for making Champagne, meaning it undergoes a secondary fermentation in bottle and a significant period of lees-ageing, both of which add complexity of flavour (toasty, brioche notes), and a creamy texture to the wine, as well as increase its ability to age after release. This contrasts with Prosecco which is typically made using the more time-efficient ‘tank method’ resulting in an easy-going, fruity style of wine for immediate consumption.